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Healthcare is changing. Technology is making healthcare accessible to more people across the world, wherever they are, as well as connecting the broader healthcare community.? Webex is here to support the conversations that matter and help you maintain the highest quality of healthcare.

  • Enable physicians to meet with patients anywhere they are

  • Connect clinical and administrative staff for better communication & training

  • Empower collaboration across healthcare systems

Transition to Telehealth

Need to prepare for a shift to virtual care quickly? Get started with resources and best practices for clinicians, care teams, patients, administrative staff, and healthcare IT teams.

Webex for telehealth

Case Studies

See how organizations are revolutionizing healthcare.

“Webex is a part of our day-to-day operations and is instrumental in our collaboration with other departments within Mercy Hospital.”
“Webex video conferencing allows me to easily share my screen so the other doctor/physician can see exactly what I’m looking at, in real-time.”
“We have a way to connect with the hospital instead of taking our son to the doctor’s office all the time.”

Collaboration for Healthcare

Explore the collaboration tools to help you get started:

Cisco Webex

Use Webex for telehealth. Connect your clinical staff and care team with patients anywhere.

Cisco Webex Rooms

Enable remote collaboration between physicians across offices.

Getting Started

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